All the Hats

December 8, 2020


Every Tuesday, I sit to write these emails, and I will be honest; it is one of the hardest things I have to do every week. Writing has never been my favorite activity, and though I am beginning to get the hang of it, I still find it difficult. I am trying to find these emails’ vibe, so thank you for being part of the journey. I want to share a bit of me in these words. From week to week, these will look different. Just like we change day-to-day, so will this.

As you know, I am a yoga teacher that manages a yoga and wellness website. I am also an owner of an all-natural skincare business called The Healing Hippy. I handcraft all-natural skincare items and sell them online. My mother and I acquired this business in February of 2018. We were customers of the deodorant, and when we heard they were looking to close shop, we decided to take it on. Now that we are coming up on three years of owning and running the business, we have found our stride. That is also a part of my life that is ever-changing. For the last three years, we have been working to bring our voice to The Healing Hippy. We are always grateful for Kassy, the founder, but change is part of growth.

This week my focus is on The Healing Hippy and the next steps. I tell you this not to make a sales pitch but to share with you where I am this week. We all have different aspects of our lives, and it is easy to get caught up in doing all of them at the same time. Our weekly communication is important to me, which is why I sit and write this. But, when I sat down today, my brain was elsewhere. Instead of forcing myself to take it all on, I thought sharing with you what is on my list could be interesting.

We can only be our authentic selves if we share all of our different facets, not always at the same time. This is my facet this week. Instead of trying to wear all of the hats at once, I choose to wear one at a time. I encourage you to shed some hats this week.

PS. Yoga on Facebook Live is scheduled this week for Wednesday at 6 pm, and Saturday at 10 am Central. Say “hey” if you pop in!

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