November 3, 2020


I don’t have a lot to say today. There is a lot of tension in the air, and anxiety runs deep right now, for a good reason. Where ever you are, I want to remind you to breathe.

When anxiety runs high, we are likely to be quick to emotion. There is a fine line between reaction and response- three breaths. Reacting is that quick to emotion rebuttal. Typically we say things we don’t mean or are better left unsaid. The one thing we cannot take back is the words spoken. So today, I invite you to respond as opposed to react. Stop and take three breaths.

Take some time on your mat and play with it. Some days three breaths are plenty, others it may take five to find the line.

Pausing before you respond is an act of self-respect. Remember that.

Here is a gentle reminder to take a moment of self-care. You are worthy of your own attention.

Breathe. Pause. Respond.

P.S. Join me for a one-hour practice tomorrow, Nov. 4, at 6 pm CST on Facebook Live. Either on the Pose and Ponder Facebook page or Yoga with Haley Facebook group.

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