Self-care November Recap

December 1, 2020


Happy December! I want first to thank all of you who joined me for Self-care November. It was great to see you take time for yourself. I have been thinking a lot about the month and want to share some insight on my Self-care November.

As the month started, I needed to be deliberate about slowing down and finding time for myself. I would take decisive actions like set the alarm to walk away and take my moment. Whether it was a nap, a bath, or reading a chapter in a book, it needed to be scheduled. As the month continued, that moment became much more straightforward. I fitted in acts of self-care whenever I could. A slow morning where I drank my coffee without distractions. Staying hydrated, stepping away from the computer when my eyes were tired, and being sure to fill my water glass were acts of care. I also found there were plenty of acts of self-care that I was already doing. My daily walk went from an obligation to an enjoyment. I stopped trying to talk myself out of washing my face at night. The self-care lens shifted the way I thought about my routine and made it more enjoyable.

It became clear to me that self-care doesn’t need to be grandiose. Many of the actions we take are already acts of self-care. We just need to notice them. When we put an intention behind our efforts, the actions mean more. Remember that as you work through the holiday season. Lead with intention. Take a break when you need it. Self-care is not selfish; it is necessary.

December is going to look pretty similar to November. I will stop bombarding you with self-care checks but know that my moment is still happening every day. I started yoga via Zoom on Monday evenings at 6 pm Central time. It would be great to see your faces. Send me an email if you are interested in participating. I am also on Facebook Live Wednesday at 6 pm, and Saturday at 10 am. If you can’t join me for the live practices, the videos are posted for later practice.

Take care of yourself, friends. Talk soon.

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